Provide private notary services
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Provide private notary services

Yas Center is pleased to provide the service of a private notary. We guarantee you the speed in completing transactions through a private notary public accredited by the Judicial Department. These services are as follows:

Public agency

Private agency (litigation)

Private agency (receipt of dues)

Private agency (clearance of transactions)

Private agency (cars)

Private agency (commercial licenses)

Private agency (real estate)

Private agency (shares)

Private Power of Attorney (Signature Approval)

Declarations (recognition of income)

Declarations (no objection to travel)

Declarations (ownership declaration)

Acknowledgments (query)

Representations (Waiver)

Mortgage Contracts (mortgage of a commercial premises)

Mortgage Contracts (Moveable Mortgage)

Contracts of sale and assignment of shares

Contracts of sale and assignment of sole proprietorships

Service agent contracts and appendices